Firearms & NFA

Mastering Firearm Engraving and Metal Artistry with SA Laser Precision

At SA Laser, we're not just another laser company. We stand as the only laser manufacturing company with both an FFL (Federal Firearms License) and an STO (Special Occupational Taxpayer) designation. With an unwavering commitment to the firearms industry, we work closely with the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) to ensure our laser technology not only meets but exceeds all ATF/NFA requirements.

Exploring the World of Metal Etching

Metal etching, often referred to as metal marking or laser engraving, represents a pinnacle of modern manufacturing and customization. This sophisticated process leverages focused laser beams to modify the surface of diverse metals, creating enduring marks without direct contact. SA Laser proudly presents the POLYMETAL Series, setting new standards in precision, efficiency, and versatility.

Applications of Firearms with a fiber laser

  • The applications of metal etching span across various industries, serving purposes ranging from intricate jewelry designs to industrial-grade markings. Key areas include:
    1. Firearm/Gun Engraving: Ensuring detailed and compliant markings for identification and customization.
    2. Industrial Part Marking: Ideal for serial numbers, barcodes, and QR codes on components.
    3. NFA Engraving: Ensuring precise and compliant markings for firearms and accessories.
    4. Glock Stippling: Creating customized and textured grips for enhanced firearm control.
      Decorative Art and Signage: Producing visually stunning designs on metal surfaces for aesthetic appeal.

    The POLYMETAL Series Advantage

    SA Laser’s POLYMETAL Series fiber markers exemplify excellence in this domain. These machines offer a wide range of wattage options, catering to both intricate designs and robust industrial needs. What distinguishes the POLYMETAL Series is not just the machine’s capabilities but our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Applications of Laserable Acrylic

Acrylic's flexibility makes it suitable for various applications, including LED or clear signs, laser cut letters, architectural models, advertising displays, photo etching, signage, awards, trophies, and home decor.


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