LaserLink Software

Introducing SA Laser's LaserLink Software

Welcome to the future of laser engraving with SA Laser’s LaserLink software, your gateway to seamless integration and precision in engraving technology. LaserLink is designed to work harmoniously with LightBurn and EzCad versions 2 & 3, providing a robust solution for both novice and professional users aiming for efficiency and accuracy in their engraving projects.

Compliance Made Easy

LaserLink is uniquely integrated with Orchid eBound™, the premier FFL bound book and electronic 4473 software backed by Orchid Law™. This integration ensures that LaserLink is not just a tool for engraving but a comprehensive solution for compliance with ATF regulations, making it ideal for businesses in the firearms industry.

Key Features of LaserLink

Seamless Software Integration

LaserLink bridges your engraving hardware with LightBurn and EzCad software, allowing for smooth transitions between design and execution without manual data entry or setup disruptions.

Precision Calibration Capabilities

Achieve absolute calibration with step-by-step guided processes that ensure your engraving outputs are consistent across different machines, crucial for high-quality production environments.

Real-Time Adaptability

Adjust project parameters on the fly with an intuitive interface that responds immediately to your changes, ensuring maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

Why Choose LaserLink?


Works seamlessly with popular engraving software LightBurn and EzCad versions 2 & 3.


Direct integration with Orchid eBound™ for compliance and management ease.

Market-Leading Technology

Incorporates the latest technological advances for precision engraving and error reduction.

Experience the power and precision of LaserLink with a personalized demonstration. Discover how our software can streamline your engraving operations and ensure compliance with industry standards. Schedule your demo today and see why more professionals are choosing SA Laser's solutions.
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