Maximizing Acrylic Cutting with SA Lasers

SA Laser’s machines are designed to optimize acrylic cutting, offering precise control over laser frequency (ppi) and ensuring a flame-polished finish. Our equipment is tailored for both beginners and professionals, facilitating a seamless cutting experience.

For further information or to explore acrylic cutting samples, contact SA Lasers. We provide the expertise and tools necessary for high-quality acrylic laser processing.

Different Types of Acrylic

  • Laser Engraving: Cast acrylic results in a frosted appearance, ideal for low power engraving. Engraving extruded acrylic gives a matte grey finish. However, cast acrylic sheets can vary in thickness.
  • Laser Cutting: Cutting extruded acrylic provides a cleaner edge, similar to flame-polished glass, and is usually less expensive than cast. Cast acrylic, when cut, has a rougher edge but offers a distinctive white contrast when engraved.

Safety Considerations

Note that acrylic often comes with a protective paper mask, which should be removed for laser processing to avoid emitting hazardous fumes.

Applications of Laserable Acrylic

Acrylic's flexibility makes it suitable for various applications, including LED or clear signs, laser cut letters, architectural models, advertising displays, photo etching, signage, awards, trophies, and home decor.


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