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Here at San Antonio Laser Engraving we pride ourselves in giving out a top tier product and training. We offer two types of Lasers for you, our 30w Fiber laser for engraving polymers and metals, and your choice between an 80, 100 or 130w CO2 Laser for all the organic materials to round out your engraving wheelhouse!

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How I’m Helping Veteran Amputees Go Through Pain And Rejection — Laser Engraving Expert.

Laser engraving is an art that anyone can learn and it's a medium for changing lives. Johnny Allen from Destruction Dept. shares some of the great works he's doing with veterans and several other people around him using his years-long experience in combat and arms handling. He tells us about his laser engraving homework that he did and why he decided on San Antonio Laser. He also is a board member of the Warrior Shot Event Group, which helps out wounded vets. Listen to his story and don't forget to follow his socials!
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How CO2 Laser Engraving Changed My Life In 4 Days — Amanda Shares Her Motivating Story

Within four days, Amanda learned how to use our CO2 laser engraving machines. And she highlighted how learning to use the laser cutter changed her life and business in a positive way. SA Laser sell some of the best Laser engravers in the US. Anyone in and around San Antonio can also partake in our training programs for laser engraving. Apart from CO2 Laser engravers, SA Lasers sell and offer training for fiber laser engraving machines.
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CO2 Laser Engraver: What Happened After I Used It Instead of Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

CO2 laser engraving machines and fiber laser engraving machines are the two come types of Laser engravers for many surface types. Speaking in an interview, Jeremy Beasley shared his experience after he bought the following laser engraving machines from SA Lasers, San Antonio.
Watch and learn from his experience and decide on which laser engraver machine to buy
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