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Ensures Confidence and Mastery

At SA Laser, we understand that navigating the complexities of Laser engravers and mastering the LightBurn software can be daunting. Whether you are looking to learn Galvo or CO2 lasers, we’ve tailored an expert training program that transforms uncertainty into confidence. Whether you’re facing operational challenges or looking to refine your skills, our training is the answer.

Hands-On Learning Experience

At SA Laser, we maintain a 3-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio to ensure each participant receives personalized attention and guidance. Unlike other training programs, we don’t just skim through theory. Our hands-on training approach immerses you in the practical aspects of machine calibration, operation, surface and material preparation, and more.

Gain Key Certifications

Our training isn’t just about acquiring skills; it’s also about validating them. Our curriculum includes the Laser Institute of America’s “Laser Safety Officer” training. You’ll be certified upon completion, demonstrating your competence and commitment to safe laser operation to potential clients and employers.

Learn Industry-Specific Skills

We cover the spectrum of skills needed to thrive in the engraving business. You’ll learn about power, speed, frequency, line spacing, focal distance, and rotation angles, crucial settings for different materials, and techniques for engraving cylindrical objects. Our training goes beyond technical skills, incorporating graphic design principles, social media marketing, and industry tips and tricks.

Post-Training Support

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end when the training does. We provide backup refresher videos covering what was taught in class. So, when you return home and start putting your new skills into practice, you won’t feel alone; you’ll have a reliable source of information to refer back to. Take the next step in your engraving journey. Join the ranks of our trainees, the most talented and successful engravers in the USA and beyond.

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