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Experience the fusion of portability and power with THE SABER: the pinnacle of handheld fiber laser welders. Crafted for professionals seeking speed, precision, and versatility, THE SABER is the ultimate companion for any metalworking project. Its compact design does not compromise on capability, offering unparalleled welding, cutting, and cleaning performance in a single portable package.

Key features include:

– Swift and efficient welding up to 10 times faster than TIG welding.
– Low power consumption for sustainable operation.
– Superior precision with reduced heat transfer to prevent warping.

What is a Laser Welder?

A laser welder is a device that uses a laser to concentrate energy into a small, precise spot to fuse materials together. Unlike traditional welding, which typically involves the use of a flame or an electrical arc to melt the material at the welding point, laser welding uses the high-energy beam of a laser for the same purpose.The narrow and concentrated focus of a laser beam allows for exceptionally precise welds. This makes it possible to join small or intricate parts with minimal heat spread to surrounding areas, which is often a challenge with traditional welding methods.
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Compared to traditional welding

Laser welding offers a level of precision that allows for the joining of even the smallest parts, without significant heat damage to surrounding areas. It’s markedly faster than traditional methods due to its concentrated energy delivery. The process yields a smaller Heat Affected Zone, ensuring the integrity of the original materials. Its versatility extends to welding a diverse range of materials and even dissimilar ones. Moreover, laser welding can be finely automated for greater control, less distortion for a superior finish, often requires no additional finishing, and presents fewer safety risks associated with traditional welding, though proper laser safety precautions are necessary.

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