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If you’re looking for a high quality Fiber Laser that can meet your production demands – look no further than SA Laser’s G3 Polymetal Edge with 30w and 50w options. As a veteran-owned US company, we have a steadfast commitment to our customers by providing the best training and support available. With a robust emphasis on quality and skill development, we proudly serve as a trusted partner to nearly 900 of the world’s most successful Laser engravers. Our journey, rooted in our own experiences as engravers, enables us to deliver superior products and the knowledge and expertise to harness the full potential of these tools, setting you on a path of success in the exciting world of laser engraving.


What is a Fiber Optic Laser?

Fiber Laser engravers, referred to as fiber-optic lasers, are state-of-the-art machines that have revolutionized numerous sectors, from manufacturing to personal customization. These devices excel in diverse applications, such as parts marking, serializing, customizing firearms, and personalizing various objects, including family heirlooms and knives. Fiber Laser engravers’ remarkable versatility and efficacy stem from their capacity to work with an expansive range of materials. Be it high carbon polymers, steel, aluminum, titanium, or myriad other metals and alloys, fiber Laser engravers stand as an unparalleled tool for deep engraving, marking, and serialization.

While the utility and performance of Fiber Laser engravers are undisputed, mastering their use requires a detailed understanding of many elements. These include the optimal techniques, speed, power, frequency, line spacing, focal distance, rotation angle, and hatch pattern necessary for each material. Without the right training, these complexities may pose a daunting challenge, often underestimated by many.

We're different

  • RAYCUS Q Laser Source: High-performance, reliable laser source for precision engraving.
  • Dual Lenses: Includes 100mm and 200mm lenses for versatile engraving options.
  • Red Dot Preview: Ensures precise positioning and focus for optimal accuracy.
  • Rotary Attachment Included: Expands capabilities to engrave on cylindrical objects.
  • 5-Day Training Program: Comprehensive training for mastering the machine’s use.
  • More Than Machines: A Partnership: Our commitment extends beyond sales. With our comprehensive 5-day training program and continuous support, we’re invested in your success. Our philosophy, “YOUR success is OUR success” is not just a saying—it’s the foundation of our partnership with every client.

Engravers Turned Innovation

At SA Laser, our roots as engravers have shaped our mission: to create laser machines that blend top-tier functionality with simplicity. Our hands-on experience ensures that our machines have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Over eight years, our commitment to excellence has led us to forge strong relationships with over 900 of the world’s leading Laser engravers, who are not just our clients but our partners in innovation. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art machines that rival those double their price in features but not in cost.


Your success is our success

Our commitment goes beyond merely selling high-quality machines. We accompany our clients throughout their journey, from the moment of purchase to ongoing post-buy support. The highlight of our comprehensive package is our industry-leading five-day training program. Through this intensive course, we equip our clients with the necessary skills and knowledge to become experts in laser engraving. Our dedication to ensuring our clients’ success doesn’t end there; we also provide steadfast support after the sale, enabling you to start right away and ensuring all the odds of success are on your side!

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